Indoor Agility Training Serving the Kansas City Metro Area


Classes MAY cancel when the forecast and road conditions are unsafe to travel to the facility. Information about Mickey's class is available at Lori's class will be by phone call or text.


Northland Agility offers a superior environment and highly skilled trainers to advance you and your dog's capability in agility, both for fun and competition.  

The facility is open to Members 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  


6219 NW Kelly Drive 
Parkville, MO 64152

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Please visit Classes or the Calendar for class dates.

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If you are curious about canine agility and want to get an idea of what our classes are like, we are happy to have you come observe an active class. Please contact us at the link below. 

Even if you don't intend to compete, Canine Agility is a great way to form a closer bond with your dog and get them some valuable mental and physical exercise. 

About Us

What We Do


We provide canine agility training from beginner to competiton level.  Our  Agility Training is based on you and your dog working as a team.  We start from your first class teaching you to understand your partner and your partner to understand you. 

Agility Training


Agility is our primary focus. Our lead instructor has taught and competed in  agility for more than 20 years. She has owned and worked with dogs of all sizes and abilities. Our foundations instructor teaches the team concept and will help create a bond between you and your partner.

Obedience Training


We offer obedience and K9 Good Citizen classes on a limited basis. Please contact us for class times and dates.

Contact Us

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Are you are interested in Agility but want to know more? Visit us during class.  

Evenings Monday - Thursday, please check the calendar, we take time off some weeks to travel to trials and we take breaks between sessions.

Northland Agility

6219 Northwest Kelly Drive, Parkville, Missouri 64152, United States


Our hours vary, classes at our facility are primarily in the evenings with day classes on Thursdays.  Please see our calendar for class schedules.