Rules and Policies

Welcome to our training facility!

We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience and we ask that you use the following policies & rules when visiting our facility.

• Please check in each time you enter the facility.
• Be sure to allow your dog to relieve themselves prior to entering the building. Please use bags to pick up any waste your dog leaves outside the building and throw the bags in an outdoor waste receptacle. If your dog has an accident inside the building, please clean up after your pet immediately and dispose of any waste in the outdoor waste receptacle.

• Please help us to keep the training floor foam matting in good condition by keeping it clean and dry. We ask that you wear comfortable and clean rubber soled shoes while working inside the training facility. Please be sure that your shoes and your canine companions feet are dry when entering the training area.

• Keep your dog on a lead at all times unless you are working inside the training area. A 4 or 6-foot lead is recommended for your pet while you are visiting our facility. For the safety of all visitors, flexi-leads WILL NOT be allowed.

• We encourage positive training methods and want your pets to be successful and confident while working in our facility. Treat your K9 partner with respect and always be sure to end on a positive note. Harsh training methods will not be tolerated.

• You may bring a crate for your pet. Be sure to label your crate if you plan on leaving it at the building. Also be aware that others may use your crate if you are not working at the facility.

• Never leave your pet unattended at the training facility or in your vehicle. This could be dangerous for your pet especially when the weather is warm.

• Do not tie your dogs to objects that will not hold them securely or that may put them in danger.

• Smoking will NOT be allowed inside or outside of our facility.

• During open sessions, be polite and courteous to other attendees and limit your time on the floor to 5 minutes per dog and use a rotation schedule based on first come first serve basis.

• Please use caution when approaching other dogs. Not all dogs are friendly and want to socialize.

• Do not enter any area designated as restricted area.

• Northland Agility has the right to terminate access to the building for violation of the above policies and rules.


Tag says- gotta follow the rules!

Tag says- gotta follow the rules!